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Course: How can I get a job using the full power of social media?     Course curriculum 1 Be …

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Applying_for_jobs_using_social_media_001 Course: How can I get a job using the full power of social media?


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Be employed for life doing work we love!

    • Welcome to Employed!
    • We start with an inventory of our skills.
    • Relationships make staying employed easy.
    • Why hunt for a job when employers are looking for you?
    • Would you take a leap of faith with me?
  • 2

    My employment history. How did we get here today?

    • How much profit did I make in 2016?
    • Garbageman.
    • Who Am I?
    • Criminal Justice
    • Graduate School.
  • 3

    Starting my own business allows me to work full time from home at a big loss initially!

    • Working from Home.
    • Going Local.
    • Miracle.
    • Jerry is Number One!
    • Starting Over.
    • You Employ Me!
  • 4

    Taking inventory helps us discover our most valuable skills, potential new areas for success, and opportunities to stop wasting time!

    • Taking inventory.
    • Finding easy to learn skills.
    • The Niche Trap.
    • A Billion Dollars.
  • 5

    Thinking in relationships makes staying employed simple.

    • Great Relationships Make Being Employed Easy.
    • Start with Facebook.
    • How to ask for help?
    • New relationships.
    • Interviews.
    • Faceplant.
    • Letting Go.
    • Employed for Life.
  • 6

    Get discovered by amazing employers instead of competing to get boring jobs!

    • Discovery vs The Hunt.
    • Creative Freedom.
    • The Power of Discovery.
    • YouTube for Discovery.
    • My Workflow Tracked Using Microsoft Excel.
  • 7

    What is the greatest gift we have to offer the world today?

    • Greatest Gift.
    • What About Money?
    • Patreon for Funding Discovery and Creative Growth.
    • What Will You Do Now?
  Welcome to Employed!

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    • Course Applying a job using social media E-book 00:00:00
    • Be Employed for Life Doing Work You Love! 00:00:00
    • Job and interview E-Books 00:00:00
    • Certificaat van Deelname aanvragen 00:00:00

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