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Wil jij programmeur worden voor webapplicaties? Dan biedt deze starters cursus alles wat je nodig hebt. Aanbod komen duidelijke video’s …

  • Profielfoto van Piet
  • Profielfoto van Bernard Blanckaert
  • Profielfoto van Miranda Kloostra
  • Profielfoto van Sander Misdorp
  • Profielfoto van janpeeters
  • Profielfoto van Ernst WB
php, mySQL, CSS, HTML, cloud
Leer de belangrijkste talen voor webontwikkeling

Wil jij programmeur worden voor webapplicaties?

Dan biedt deze starters cursus alles wat je nodig hebt.

Aanbod komen duidelijke video’s met cursussen over:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Cloud
  • WordPress
    +Wordpress Security
  • PayPal integreren
  • Webhosting

De trainingen zijn deels in het Nederlands en deels in (eenvoudig) Engels. Dit laatste omdat de programmeertalen zelf ook in het Engels zijn.

Webhosting topics

  • Webhosting: How to create a redirect URL
  • Webhosting: How to create a MySQL database
  • Webhosting: How to create an email account
  • Webhosting: How to create a forwarder
  • Webhosting: How to edit your error pages
  • Webhosting: How to configure your index manager
  • Paypal: How to add a subscription button
  • Clickbank: How to set up your sales funnel
  • Aweber: How to remove unresponsive leads
  • Getresponse: How to remove unresponsive leads
  • WordPress: How to optimize your WordPress SEO
  • WordPress: How to add redirect linking

Video training cPanel

The majority of your websites are controlled via a web hosting panel called cPanel. Perhaps you use parts of it or maybe you don’t.

The point is that this panel can help your operationsand protect your website more efficiently, but oftentimes it goes unnoticed. It becomes underutilized, or not even used.

This video series will show you a more in-depth view of the features that cPanel provides and how you can take your website to the next level, as well as protect your website business.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to cPanel
  • How to use the Video Tutorials feature
  • How to create MySQL database & how to insert data into the MySQL database
  • How to use Awstats and apply it to your business
  • What Softaculous is and how to use it
  • How to set up an error page and a redirect
  • How to use File Manager effectively
  • Email Authentication
  • How to back up your websites and how to restore them

Discover The Secret Of The Cloud!

Cloud storage is a fast, easy way to store and share files

The cloud page has details about apps available to take box mobile as well as integrated with other software. ot only you can sink all your devices but you can also create and save documents from inside other software.

You will surely love  this product for the videos are explained thoroughly for you to understand easily and better.

This product is comprised with various videos. You will learn how to integrate all your accounts without worrying too much on your storage!


Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 1 – Intro
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 2 – basic page
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 3 – editors
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 4 – saving files
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 5 – nesting
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 6 – colors
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 7 – site nav links
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 8 – link targets
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 9 – images
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 10 – comments
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 11 – meta tags
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 12 – audio tags
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 13 – video tags
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 14 – ordered lists
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 15 – unordered lists
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 16 – HR tag
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 17 – Validation
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 18 – CSS Intro
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 19 – Syntax
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 20 – Inline
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 21 – Internal
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 22 – External
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 23 – Link styles
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 24 – Comment tag
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 25 – ID Sector
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 26 – Class sector
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 27 – Validation
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 28 – Font size
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 29 – Font color
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 30 – Text alignment
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 31 – Font family
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 32 – Font style
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 32 – Font style
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 33 – Text shadow
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 34 – Box
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 35 – Roundedbox
Html/CSS – Html/CSS cursus – 36 – Shadowbox
Html/CSS toets
HTML/CSS bonus
HTML Templates
HTML Color Matching video
PHP for beginners
PHP / MYSQL Ebooks,Templates & scripts
Javascript 40 minute video course
Website Maken WordPress cursus-1-Website bouwen in WordPress
Website Maken WordPress cursus-2-Wat is WordPress
Website Maken WordPress cursus-3-Aan de slag
Website Maken WordPress cursus-4-WordPress bestanden klaar zetten
Website Maken WordPress cursus-5-Het installeren van WordPress
Website Maken WordPress cursus-6-Inloggen op je WordPress website
Website Maken WordPress cursus-7-Berichten
Website Maken WordPress cursus-8-Content toevoegen
Website Maken WordPress cursus-9-Media
Website Maken WordPress cursus-10-Reacties
Website Maken WordPress cursus-11-Gebruikers
Website Maken WordPress cursus-12-Thema’s
Website Maken WordPress cursus-13-Thema’s installeren
Website Maken WordPress cursus-14-Plugins
Website Maken WordPress cursus-15-Widgets
Website Maken WordPress cursus-16-Foto’s organiseren en optimaliseren
Website Maken WordPress cursus-17-Video’s toevoegen met YouTube
How to – WordPress 2 videos
WordPress Basic 2. Installing WordPress Quickly
WordPress – How to install (6 videos)
Wordpress Bonus
101 WordPress tips – video and e-book
WordPress and SEO – videos 65 minutes
WordPress – How can you make a membership website? 4 videos
Je eigen website maken en onderhouden met WordPress toets
Wordpress beveiliging
WordPress Security 30 videos and Ebooks
Cloud – Box
Cloud – Google Drive
Cloud- Dropbox
Cloud – Icloud
PayPal integreren in je website
Paypal Video course for webmasters
Hosting & E-mailing
Hosting & cPanel
Email course V2 15 videos
Aweber – video course 94 minutes
Blogging 4 How To Get A Domain and Hosting Account
How to – Hostgator 5 videos
50. Maak gebruik van Empire Avenue om de prestaties van al je netwerken te verbeteren
How to – WordPress 2 videos
Webprogrammeur toets


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